100% Community

100% Community

So All May Thrive

United Way of Eastern New Mexico values the 100% Community model as strategy to impact #YouthSUCCESS

The 100% New Mexico initiative is a first in the nation, a statewide strategy to identify barriers to ten vital family services and create access for all residents. The initiative is driven by county stakeholders, designed to achieve the goals of preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), family trauma and social adversity. By ensuring ten vital services for surviving and thriving, each county can also increase student achievement and provide families with the services to endure public health crises and economic disruptions.

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The 100% New Mexico initiative is a bold countywide strategy designed to ensure 100% of our residents are protected. Our goal is to create trauma-free childhoods that lead to school achievement, community engagement, job readiness and a self-sufficient and healthy life in New Mexico.

We’re committed to ensuring that the 10 services shown to empower children, students and families are accessible to all.


Medical and dental care
Behavioral health care
Housing security programs
Food security programs
Transportation to vital services


Parent supports
Early childhood education
Community schools
Youth mentor programs
Job training

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We were very gratified to have almost 1,000 survey participants.

Our results show that there are many challenges faced by local residents who seek services.

Download the full report Barriers Survey Results Report.

Curry County Results Summary

survey results image curry


Roosevelt County Results Summary

survey results roosevelt



In Curry and Roosevelt Counties, you can join us on our 100% journey.

There are several ways to be involved:

  • volunteer with youth serving groups;
  • attend/or help organize a Book Club via ZOOM; and
  • join the 100% Action Team that resonates with you.

Click below to learn more

VolunteerENM.org for volunteering opportunities

Book Clubs for Anna Age 8 and 100% Community

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Action Team  info for the Surviving and Thriving teams and sign ups

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Erinn Burch would love to have a meeting or chat with you. Use our contact page to set something up.