Women's Initiative Network

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WIN, The Women’s Initiative Network, is a unique organization built of local women that supports United Way projects. WIN members participate in networking events, fundraisers, and community service projects. 
WIN is excited to annouce the creation of "Successful You Career Closet." "Successful You"  provides local women looking for a new start with the professional clothing they need to take the next step, whether it be a suit for a job interview or clothing to start a new professional job.
Also exciting for 2013 is WIN’s 125 for Game Changers. Game Changers is a United Way program to help fund smaller organizations in Clovis and Portales that change the game in people’s lives.  Our goal is for 125 women to donate $125 for a total of $15,625 to help change the game in our community.
Successful You Career Closet and Game Changers are two of the ways that members of  WIN celebrate and empower women and our community. When you become a part of WIN, you  help build a stronger community.
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