Why School Supplies?

Young people are our future. Our future leaders. Future business owners. Future hardworking citizens. Future homeowners.

These future adults will have more opportunities for success if they do well in school and graduate to the next level of learning whether trade certifications or college.

In our two counties, our young people are most likely portion of the population to live in poverty. 30% of kids under 19 live in poverty in Curry & Roosevelt Counties.70% of students in Portales and Clovis school districts are eligible for free and reduced school lunch.

So we can easily say that most of our kiddos have parents who have trouble making ends meet. 70% of 10,500 students is 7,350 who might need a little help.

Back-to-school time can be rough on the budget of any family, especially if you have more than one child. The picture above is a glimpse at what one turquoise loving middle schooler needed--not to mention the flute, shoes, and clothes for a tween who grew three inches since April.

Understandably some students arrive in their classrooms without all the items that they need.

The first person to see this and react to it is a TEACHER. In the U.S., teachers spend $500 on supplies for their students each year on average.

Because we have teachers doing so much and taking care of so many things, United Way of Eastern New Mexico wants to take "buyer of schools supplies for students" off the job description!

If you want to help TEACHERS have classrooms full of students with all the tools they need, and if you want students to get every chance to succeed whether they could bring pens and notebooks with them or not, then I invite you to drop off some school supplies to a Stuff the Bus location! Call 2-1-1 with any questions.

Thank you.