Community Care Guide --2-1-1 /Curry Co Health Council Partnership

The Curry County Health Council wanted to produce a simple directory of health related services for the Curry County area and 2-1-1 was glad to collaborate! CCHC members and 211 staff compiled the entries, and 211 helped with layout of the info-tabloid drawing on our experience with the Summer Activity Guide.

You can see the fruits of our labors here -Community Care Guide

The guide includes listings for Hospital/ Emergency Room, Physicians/ Health Care, Chiropractic Care, Hearing, Physical Therapy, Hospice, Optometry, Pharmacy, Medical Supplies, Counseling/ Mental Health, Dentistry, Massage, Walking Paths, Community Resources, Senior Services, Veteran Services, Youth Services, Government Services, Parks and Recreation, and Veterinary services. We apolgize in advance for any error or omissions and we wish everyone who uses the guide good health and enjoyment of our community resources.

Questions regarding the Guide please call Susan Alman 769-6016 or Erinn Burch 769-2103.

When you need community information please feel free to call 2-1-1 (an easy to remember three digit phone number for local human services information).