What is Zenith Youth Leadership Academy?
Zenith Youth Leadership Academy will provide an environment where adolescents can identify their strengths through mutual exploration and experience that will give them tools to overcome life’s challenges. The youth member will gain in self-understanding, leading to self-acceptance and self-worth.
Research shows that youth struggle with complex issues and scenarios that are brought on by peers, mentors, family members, and difficult social environments.  Zenith is an 8 month program that helps teens find their strengths and learn how to utilize them through trust and team building activities.
8th graders are invited to join the Zenith and learn how to use your strengths in everyday life! Click here for an application.
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If you enjoy working with teenagers Zenith may be a great place for you to VOLUNTEER!



Program Description

Reason for Group:
Research shows that youth struggle with complex issues and scenarios that are brought on by peers, mentors, family members, and difficult social environments.

Population Targeted:
Teens will come from local middle schools and junior highs.

Type of Group:
This group is to help adolescents fine turn their leadership abilities and to teach them to utilize those skills in difficult situations. We hope to have 30 students and we ask for an eight (8) month commitment to the program.

Location, time, days and duration of Group:
In Clovis :Matt 25 Hope Center, every other Tuesday (approx.) from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.
In Portales: location TBA
The group will begin in September and end in May.

Leadership facilitators:
Volunteers from the professional community, i.e., social workers, police officers, teachers, interns within the social work field or psychology.

Contract & Informed Consent:
Participants and their parents will be provided clear statements regarding the purpose of the group, a description of the group format, and procedures and ground rules. Both participant and their parent will be asked to sign a release form stating their understanding and commitment to the program.


Session Descriptions

Session 1:
This session will introduce all the adult facilitators and all members of the group. Confidentially, group process and basic rules and guidelines will be discussed.

Sessions 2 & 3:
This session the adolescents will be asked to take the Strengths Finder a comprehensive assessment to find their strengths. They will then discuss their strengths and help them identify the natural leaders. Discussion will be facilitated by adult leaders.

Sessions 4 &5:
This session will focus on teamwork. We will engage in team working exercise that will force the adolescents to work together to accomplish a task – “Cross the River”.

Sessions 6 &7:
This session will continue to focus on trust while adding team building skill activities. The adolescents will attend the Ropes Course at CCC.

Sessions 8 & 9:
This session continues to focus on trust. Discussion about how they felt about the Ropes Course. The adolescents will engage in a “trust walk” activity. Discussion about how it feels to place all your trust in one individual.

Sessions 10 & 11:
This session will focus on how to identify everyday stresses and went over the 5-step process of problem solving skills. Also, we engage in “egg drop” activity to put the problem solving skills to use learned earlier in the session.

Sessions 12 & 13:
This session will focus on identifying issues the adolescents were experiencing in their everyday life.

Sessions 14 & 15:
Peer-to-peer mentoring will be fully explained. Throughout the training mentoring will be discussed. Each adolescent will be asked to involve themselves in a mentoring project or volunteer project. Ideas will be brought up by adolescents and adults alike.

May TBA:
Graduation of Zenith Youth Leadership Academy
Students will be selected from this group to participate in Youth Alliance in Albuquerque.


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