We Can Prevent Child Abuse

Have you ever heard a story of child abuse that broke your heart, and you wondered "What can I do to stop this? What can I do to prevent child abuse?"

At United Way of Eastern New Mexico and 2-1-1 we believe that child abuse is preventable. And there is something YOU CAN DO.

You can donate a pack of diapers.

To help a family in need. Give them a little hope and help to make it to the next paycheck.

You can donate a pack of diapers.

To improve the parent child bond. Keeping babies happier and healthier ensures that there is more cuddling and laughter than diaper rash, crying and guilt.

You can donate a pack of diapers

To support the healthy mental state of parents. Giving them the confidence and security of knowing that they can MEET their baby's needs, they can HANDLE this parenting thing, and that they and their baby are GOING TO BE just fine.

Please DONATE TODAY! Not time to get a pack of diapers? Then donate $10 or $20 dollars! Your monetary donation goes further when we buy in bulk!