"Volunteer Action Center" Puts Volunteering Front and Center

Why a Volunteer Action Center?

Volunteering a the life blood of good works in our community. Every year millions of dollars of labor is contributed by community members and groups to better the lives of neighbors and raise the quality of life for all. Local non-profits, churches, civic groups and student organziations all depend on volunteers to make their work possible. United Way of Eastern new Mexico belives that so much more is possible if we can make connecting with and engaging people easier for agencies, while boosting the satisfaction levels of each volunteer.

What is the Volunteer Action Center (VAC)?

The Volunteer Action Center is a project at United Way of Eastern New Mexico to mobilize more volunteers in Curry and Roosevelt Counties. Marisela Edwards Martinez -the VAC Coordinator- is our key catalyst in making that happen by leveraging our number one tool www.VolunteerENM.org.

Mari helps agencies get the most out of VolunteerENM.org for posting their "Volunteer Needs" and Events through one-on-one consulting and trainings. She promotes the website as well as agencies postings through social media, press releases, PSAs...any way she can. Mari also helps community members navigate the site, personalize their profile with criteria and perferences for volunteering, and help them track their volutneer hours for easy recall using the "Volunteer Resume" function.

All of this is made possible because United Way of Eastern New Mexico has been awarded a 3 year grant by the Cummins Foundation. 

Visit www.VolunteerENM.org to browse and sign up for new and exciting volunteer needs at our local organizations.