Thank you for Diapers! and for Fighting Child Abuse

You did it! 20,990 diaper for our struggling families in Curry and Roosevelt Counties.

These diaper will mean a little less stress,a little more baby giggles, and a lot more healthy baby bottoms in hoseholds where money is tight.

The success of our diaper drive means that 600 parents will get a break and some breathing room as they work on the list of challenges they are facing. That's where the "fighting child abuse" comes in. When parents and caregivers are stressed, depressed, anxious, and feeling inadequate to the child-care-tasks they can withdraw from their little ones, they can succumb to frustration, they can do unwise and dangerous things. Shaken baby syndrom is just one tragic outcome from being overtaxed as a parent.

Each time we give a smile, and helping hand to families that are struggling, we are showing that we care. And that can make the difference.

Thank you.