#RedNoseDayENM / Penny Warriors Raise $7200

Tue, 05/31/2016 - 7:27pm -- eburch
On behalf of the children of our community--We say "Thank you!" to the sixteen brave souls who agreed to "Fight til the PIE-in-the-FACE."They turned serious silliness into serious donations! These champions ALL deserve a pat on the back: Chris Wood & Antonio Sanchez, Tom Martin & John Snowberger, Casey Peacock & Terri Chavez, Becky Rowley & Patrice Caldwell, Don Thomas & Derek Osburn, Sharon King & Ernie Kos, Leslie Nagy & Kim Tipton, and Joelle Reed & Misty Bertrand.
It was all for the kids...raising money
to continue UWENM's work with foster children and child vicitims of abuse and sexual assault (429 children helped last year),
to keep up our support of food programs that reduce child hunger (serving over 500 kids per month),
and to add to United Way's family assistance to help ease the effects of childhood poverty (30% of kids in Curry/Roosevelt live in poverty).

YOU the fans, customers, friends, and supporters of each Penny warrior donated thousand upon thousands of pennies as well as sabataged the competeion with donations of dimes, quarters and folding money! After all was said and done: YOUR shenanigans and the#RedNoseDayENM Party raised over $7200 for United Way of Eastern New Mexico. Even after the party expenses and cost of all the whipped cream!

The spirit of FUN is what made it possible!

We are looking forward to next year, with a new slate of Penny Warriors who can keep the fun going with friendly rivalries and a passion for making lives brighter for local kids!

We had a lot of help throwing the #RedNoseDayENM party. Many thanks to Plains Regional Medical Center, Underground Embassy, Kelly's Bar & Grill, Foxy's, Burns Do It Center and Southwest Cheese for the in-kind donations....and more.

Thank you again for rallying behind UWENM's efforts to improve lives in our community-especially the lives of our children.

Thank you for caring and giving!

Erinn Burch

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