Pregnancy Resource Center

All services provided to clients by the Pregnancy Resource Center are free and confidential.
PRC is staffed by four paid employees and six unpaid volunteers.

Community Results
Jennifer (not her real name) was feeling overwhelmed about her pregnancy. She was still in high school. During her first appointment at the Pregnancy Resource Center, she was able to have an ultrasound done. Jennifer said, "Until I saw my baby on the ultrasound, my pregnancy did not feel real. Having the opportunity to hear my baby's heart beat and see my baby move with my own eyes was the most perfect and beautiful moment I have ever experienced."
Another client was overjoyed to be able to go to the Pregnancy Resource Center for an ultrasound. She was again pregnant after two early-term miscarriages within three years. She said, "The PRC staff went above and beyond to answer my questions. They collaborated with my OB/GYN regarding my lab work. During the ultrasound, the staff was very thorough in answering my questions and explaining everything to me. Being able to see the baby's heartbeat was touching because we had not been able to experience that joy with our previous pregnancies. PRC is truly a blessing to the Eastern New Mexico area. I am so grateful for their service."
One couple, after receiving a positive pregnancy test at PRC, attended the Earn While You Learn program. By taking parenting classes and newborn care classes, they learned about being good parents and how to strengthen their family. They also earned "baby bucks" to spend in the PRC's boutique for diapers, wipes, formulas and other itmes they could not otherwise afford.

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