Portales Meals On Wheels


The purpose of this organization is to deliver warm, prepared meals to anyone in need, regardless of age, in the Portales community who are unable to prepared adequate meals for themselves. Most clients are over 65.
Portales Meals on Wheels is a volunteer organization.
Forty-six clients were served daily meals during 2015,
Community Results

Portales Meals on Wheels helped an under age 65 man receive meals after knee surgery. He was unable to get up and prepare meals himself. He received a daily meal for three weeks until he was able to get up and around.

This organization also arranged to have meals delivered to a couple after he was discharged from the hospital. After delivering one meal, he had to re-enter the hospital. Meals on Wheels continued to deliver to the woman while her husband was hospitalized. After his death, she moved to assisted living.

In another incident, Meals on Wheels provided meals to a woman who was diabetic and on kidney dialysis. She frequently could not get back from treatment in time to receive her meal. A cooler was placed outside ther door and meals left in it o the days she had dialysis.

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