The Oasis Children's Advocacy Center


  • Child abuse forensic interviewing services provide child abuse victims a safe, neutral, child-friendly environment to discuss and disclose traumatic life events to a highly trained and skilled forensic investigative interviewer.
  • Oasis had two paid staff members. Its services are free to clients.
  • Child abuse victims between the ages of 3 to 18 are referred to Oasis by members of the multidisciplinary team, which consists of representatives from all law enforcement agencies, children’s protective services, the district attorney’s office, and the Oasis staff.
Community Results

Two young girls were referred to Oasis after they disclosed to school personnel that their grandmother's boyfriend was touching them improperly. When interviewed by the multidisciplinary team, they revealed that their grandmother, with whom they lived, did not want to believe them when they told her the boyfriend was touching them in private spots. The grandmother allowed the boyfriend to continue living in the home. The girls were quickly placed into Children Youth & Families custody to keep them from being further harmed. The suspect was later arrested and convicted of sexual abuse and other charges. He was sentenced to nine years in prisonn followed by lifetime parole and sex offender registration.

The Oasis also helped a mentally delayed man who was being sexually abused by his caregiver. The multidisciplinary team worked closely together to make sure the caregiver was reported to his supervisor. The victim was comfortable with the forsenic interviewer and disclosed everything he had gone through while in the care of the caregiver. The caregiver was arrested by law enforcement and later took a plea requiring him to register as a sex offender. He can no longer work in any home care facility.

A young female was referred to Oasis due to physical abuse by her mom's boyfriend. While under the care of the boyfriend, she was told to take a shower. While doing so, the boyfriend turned on the hot water resulting in burns to the victim's body. Law enforcement and the rest of the multidisciplinary team arranged for the girl and other children to be removed from the home. The boyfriend is in prison for 28 years and will register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.


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