NM Christian Children's Home


  • To operate and maintain a home for children who are in need of residential care, supervision, and guidance.
  • To operate a placement service for children in order to aid and promote the adoption or foster care of children in need of such placement by worthy persons who desire to provide such service to children.
  • To operate and maintain a home for single parent families who are in need of assistance and support.
  • NM Christian Children's Home provides health, education, and shelter to over 100 children. Its staff consists of 43 paid full-time employees, including house parents and administrative staff.

A 17-year-old who had been enrolled at NMCCH for six years had habits of lying, stealing, defiance and an inability to follow through with commitments. In 2014, he was arrested for shoplifting. The same year he was in trouble with school authorities on at least eight occasions for stealing and skipping classes. As a result, he was removed from the football and baseball teams. In June 2015, he attended counseling for one weekend. Since then he has not been in trouble at NMCCH or school for stealing. He also finished a complete season of football at Portales High School.

An 8-year-old girl came to NMCCH after living through years of physical and emotional abuse from parents addicted to drugs. Secretly blaming herself for the breakdown of her family, she was jealous and ultra-critical of others, often getting into verbal and physical altercations. She wouldn't accept responsibility for her actions and couldn't bring herself to apologize when she damaged a relationship. After attending a weekend of counseling, she began to apologize to those whom she had hurt. She also learned to control her anger.

The Children's Learning Center offers smaller class size and more individual attention for students struggling with school. Student A, who originally would not look at an adult who was talking to him, and when asked to read a passage would whisper due to lack of confidence, spent two summers in the Learning Center. This helped him achieve the AB honor roll and the A honor roll. He gained enough self-confidence to volunteer for a speaking part in the MNCCH season musical.

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