The Hartley House


  • The Hartley House offers 24-hour crisis intervention and a confidential safe house for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. It provides food, shelter and clothing and assists clients in areas such as employment, housing, legal assistance and other areas that are necessary to start a new beginning.
  • Victims of domestic violence and their children can reside at the safe house free of charge for up to 90 days.
  • The Hartley House has 12 full time paid employees and 2 part time paid employees along with 2 volunteers who assist with office duties and shelter cleaning and organizing.
Community Results

In July 2015, Client A called the crisis hotline, stating her husband had gone to work and she and her two children wanted to come into the shelter. An advocate responded to her house with a police offcer. She brought the woman and her children to the Hartley House to complete paperwork. The client reported that she had been physically, verbally and mentally abused by her husband of 10 years. The children had also been abused. In addition to helping her with the necessary paperwork, resulting in the arrest of her husband, the advocate provided moral support and helped her learn about domestic violence. Today, Client A lives in an apartment in a secure location in Portales and works at a job she loves. Her oldest son, whom she previously homeschooled, is attended public school for the first time and was on the honor roll.
Client B came to the Hartley House after she and her boyfriend of three years got into an argument. He locked her and her two children out of the house. Her son attempted to climb through a window and cut his hand on broken glass. The Hartley House advocate took him to the emergency room, where he received stitches. Clinet B and her son were taken to shelter where they stayed for three months. The client expressed the desire to get away from her abuser. With the help of her advocate, she found an apartment for single parents at the New Mexico Christian Children's Home. She attended Survivor's Group weekly at the Hartley House. She stated that the information she learned from these groups and during individual sessions with her advocate were very helpful. Without the help of the Hartley House, she said she would have been unable to leave her abuser and start a new life for herself and her two children.
Client C lived in a small, rural community in Curry County. In April 2015, her boyfriend of 10 years became very angery, slamming doors and throwing items out of cabinets. The noise woke their three children. When she asked him to stop, he started yelling and cursing. He then went into the basement and got a gun and loaded it. After several hours, in which he threatened to kill his family and himself, Clinet C managed to get the car keys, drive to a nearby store and call law enforcement. A Curry County Deputy Sheriff wnent to the house, rescued the children, and arrested the abuser. The Deputy phone the Hartley House crisis line. An advocate met him at the sheriff's office and took her and the children into the shelter, where they stayed for two months. During this time, the Client's advocate attended court hearings and Oasis interviews with the children. Client C worked with her advocate to apply for housing and got an apartment. She also got a job at a local restaurant. She states that she and her children are doing great, thanks to assistance from the Hartley House.

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