Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity helps lower income families in Curry and Roosevelt counties obtain decent affordable housisng. Often this involves partnering with individuals to build and sell the a new home with a zero-interest mortgagel Former renters who become home owners often lower their overall housing and utility costs.
Since new housing is not always the answer, Habitat's Home Preservation program helps with repairs and renovations to exising homes.
Habitat for Humanity operates with 6 part time paid staff and 20 part time volunteers.

Community Results
A single man, disable due to a motorcyle accident, spends much of his day confined to a motorized wheelchair. He lives in a trailer that he owns. The trailer needed new ramps. The siding was damaged by water and termites. Habitat volunteers built new front and back ramps and replaced and painted the siding. Several pallets were donated and dismantle for use in the wood stove that is used to heat the home. A total of 73 volunteers donated over 500 hours over three weekends. They worked along side the homeowner, who is repaying 25% of the cost of materials as part of the Partnership Agreement with Habitat.
A young family had been renting in a very unsafe neighborhood, especially on weekends when there was often gunfire, evidenced by the bullet holes in the walls. The house had been poorly maintained. Weeds grew up through the floor and snow came in through gaps around the windows. To earn equity toward the building and purchase of a new home, the family participated in the construction of two other Habitat home. They only missed one construction day on their new home. They now live in a safe,secure home.

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