CRSMA Curry Resident Senior Meals Assoc

Curry Resident Senior Meals Assoc is a Senior Meal site offering low cost meals to all individuals over 60. It also provides lunch, evening, and weekend meals to home bound seniors.

  • The CRSMA staff includes 2 full time and 12 part time people. The agency also has 18 part time volunteers.

Community Results
One client came to the facility for lunch until her COPD made it too difficult for her. She receives home delivery meals as she cannot cook without getting short of breath. Another couple with medical conditions that prevent them from being mobile outside their home receives the meals. This allows them to be at home with their son who has a traumatic brain injury. Another client is over 100 years old and lives alone since the death of her son. She sits at the window and watches for her daily meal. She looks forward to seeieng CRSMA drivers and runners.

Wanda moved to Clovis to live with her sister. She comes every day to the meal site for lunch and fellowship. She and her sister volunteer at the meal site, staying after lunch to roll silverware. Dudley, a homeless veteran, rides his bike every day to the meal site. He volunteers his time fromm 9 am to 12:30 pm so he can get one hot meal. He wants to work for his meals as he does not want charity.

Tom, a veteran, and his wife Fran have considerable financial struggles. Every day they donate two pennies for their meals. Twice a year Fran purchases a meal ticket for $20. She apologizes because it all they can afford. They are so appreciative of getting one hot meal a day. If not for CRSMA, they would go hungry.


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