Arise sees victims of sexual violence. It offers advocacy for victims, Sexual Assault Nurse Exams, and counseling services. All the services are provided free of charge to the victim.

  • The Arise staff includes 4 paid employees,  9 contracted SANE nurses, 3 contracted counselors, and 18 unpaid volunteer advocates.
  • Advocates receive 40 hours of training and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Community Results
In a serious child abuse case, Arise's Electronic Health Record System allowed the SANE nurse to take and store photos documenting the number and severity of injuries sustained by the children. This information helped put a child abuser in jail for 9 years.

Outreach is a growing success for Arise. Each year Arise participates in the La Casa Family Health Fair. Brochures are handed out, questions are answered and concerns addressed. This past year, Arise received three referrals for assistance from individiuals who were likely to go without hlep if Arise had not been present at the fair. The local schools have been receptive to the outreach and educatonal efforts with teachers appreciating that the materials presented are easily understood and applicable to their students' lives.

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