American Red Cross

 As a non-profit emergency response organization, the American Red Cross offers neutral humanitarian care in times of disasters and emergencies in Curry and Roosevelt Counties.

  • Three paid staff and 47 volunteers serve in Southeastern New Mexico.
  • Curry and Roosevelt Counties have 11 volunteers who serve as Community Leader, Disaster Action Team Leader and Service to the Armed Forces Leader. A volunteer can be called upon any time of day or night to help someone in an emergency.
Community Results
Last year, the American Red Cross Action Team responded to 23 house fires in Curry and Roosevelt Counties. The team served 73 clients and provided direct financial assistance of $15,202.44. Families were helped with lodging, food, clothing, prescriptions, and other needed items. Red Cross followed up with these families to see how they were doing in the weeks after their emergencies took place.
Winter Storm Goliath came ripping through Curry County in late December. Red Cross sprang into action to set up a shelter on Dec. 27. Nineteen clients were provided overnight warmth, comfort, and food.
In its Service to the Armed Forces program, the Red Cross completed 32 cases of emergency communications, along with one financial assistance case and three information and referral cases.

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