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Live United Day
Bring a pack of diapers (size 3 or bigger) to United Way, 1200 N Thornton on or before June 19th, and receive TWO FREE PASSES to Casel-Land for Live United Day on June 21st. 
Summer Activity Guide
The Summer Activity Guide is here and full of activities and things to do this summer! Click on the Summer Activity Guide tab to view it online or pick up a copy at the Curry County Chamber, Clovis Co
Beat the Heat
Summer temperatures are here and if you don't have air conditioning, it is HOT, HOT, HOT! Donate a fan to United Way and we will pass it on to a family without A/C who needs a break from the hea
'Successful You' Career Closet Ribbon Cutting & Open House
The 'Successful You' Career Closet is open for business! Help us celebrate at our Ribbon Cutting and Open House, May 8th from 3:00-4:30 p.m.


What is the Caring Connection? 

The Caring Connection, convened by the Eastern New Mexcio Youth Connection working with United Way of ENM's 2-1-1, brings together civic, government and business leaders who wish to extend their employee volunteer programs into a sustainable community investment. 


The CC was developed to inspire and engage local companies by promoting employee volunteerism to address challenges and concerns facing Curry and Roosevelt counties, thereby enhancing the quality of like for all. 


Being part of the CC means your company will join a coalition of workplaces committed to advancing civic engagement right here in our area.


Every workplace in Curry and Roosevelt counties is invited to be a member of the CC. Every workplace had an employee volunteer policy (even if it's "we currently do not have one"). Please join us to become and active participant and positively impact workplace volunteerism and help our community become a better place. 



Our Mission

The Caring Connection inspires and engages local companies

by promoting Employee volunteerism and engages local companies

by promoting employee volunteerism to address challenges and concerns facing

our community thereby enhancing the quality of life.  


Everyone wins with volunteerism. It's good for the individual, for the workplace and for the community, and provides a valuable experience for all. Creating a Workplace Volunteer Program harnesses the goodwill and community spirit of your people to make good things happen.          

  • Maximize your current resources. Many workplaces already have employee volunteer programs.  2-1-1 Volunteer will easily link your employees with local organizations and programs.                       
  • Engage your peers. Bringing like-minded people together who have a passion or volunteerism will no doubt result in creative ideas and solutions to make our community better.                                                                                                       
  • Spread the message. The conversation about workplace volunteerism needs to be shared and continues. The level of volunteerism will increase as long as it is on people's radar, with Workplace Volunteering the conversation will keep going. 
  • Seize the opportunity. People are passionate about volunteering, and the Workplace Volunteering provides a place to tap into these passions and watch miracles happen.