9th Judicial FCCS CASA


Community Results
A foster youth received help through the Preparation for Life Program sponsored by the Ninth Judicial Family & Children's Court Services. Abby was enrolled for dual credit at her high school and at Eastern New Mexico University. She needed a computer and scientific calculator in order to complete the required work. She had already used her educational funds to enroll in college. An FCCS volunteer purchased a scientific calculator for her. United Way provided a second hand computer that had been donated. This enabled Abby to successfully complete her work and be on track to graduate a year early.
The Custody Education Workshop, sponsored by FCCS, has helped individuals with their family relationships. One participant told her instructor about the threats of harm her husband was making against her and her child. She was referred to New Mexico Legal Aid and received assistance to file a No Contact Order. She also was referred to Hartley House for counseling and practical assistance. By attending the workshop, another client learned how to better co-parent while another man learned new ways of continuing to develop this relationship with his son.

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